The little girl who is as white as snow, with lips as red as blood and has hair as black as ebony…

Obsession Princess - Disney Animator - Snow White 01

I realised I absolutely love this batch of photos compared to the Cinderella and the Aurora ones I took at home because there’s a storyline for this… Haha. Just a simple one… =) Photos were taken by me and my friend. (uploaded on my Facebook page as it takes too long to load here!) . . . On […]

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A Colourful Life Deserves a Colourful Everything

 I came across this on instagram the other day. So colourful OMG! Whoever did this, wonderfully done. I’m so in love with the Disney princesses with their iconic representations at the bottom. I absolutely love colour. It’s what gives life to everything around us.  I believe how you feel do affect what you choose to wear and […]

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