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I am finally gonna have time to do whatever I need to do by end of this year! Eeeeeks! It’s gonna be 2015 soon! It’s been crazy busy of late.

Bloody hormones have been making me feeling easily emotionally teary especially yesterday. Nearly teared in the train after I found out Eddy died. So no. I did not cry in the train. Just had stuffy nose after that. Eddy’s my favourite bunny. Photos from Eddy & Rambo’s Facebook.


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Then I had a catch up session of the last few episodes of last season’s The Vampire Diaries and kept crying. WHUT. -.-

Elena: “I never got to say thank you.”
(Hallucination) Damon: “For what?”
Elena: “For saving Stefan. And…bringing back Alaric and Tyler. Thank you.”
(Hallucination) Damon: “Elena…”
Elena: “No, I’m not done yet. I want to thank you for giving me everything I always wanted. A love that consumed me. And passion. Adventure. There’s nohing more I could ever want other than for it to last forever. But…it can’t. This is the last time I’m gonna see you. This is goodbye, Damon. I love you. I have to let you go.”

Elena: “If I’m ever gonna be able to fall in love again, and make eternity bearable, I need you to do something.”
Alaric: “What?”
Elena: “You were created by the Original vampire spell which means you can compel other vampires. And since I can’t take away my vampirism, I want you to take away Damon. I want you to compel me to forget that I ever loved him.”


WHUT!!! ya. -.-


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