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Alternate Universe

I dreamt of my brother last night… Or rather early this morning… The thing is I rarely dream and this felt so real as my dreams usually do.

We were out shopping with my mum in some huge store. He found 2 sky dancers and insisted that I get it as it’s probably the only 2 left in the world that’s still so cheap for those specific models. And he got a furry toy. Not sure what was it. But he wanted to replace the one he had at home which looked weird and was still in the box. Oh and in the end my mum paid for our stuff ($80+) and we took a cab home.

That was it.

I’m not sure how old we were in the dream. But it wasn’t when we were really young. It felt now at my age. And it happened at this point in time. Now.

What if an alternate universe really exists and the relationships with people we know here are also existing there. And all these experiences there are actually part of us. Us meaning our souls. When we die, all these little fragments of our experiences from every single universe there is out there just form part of us. A bigger orb or star or something.

Ok. Time to go and continue my life in this world.

ObsessionPrincess - universe

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