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I am Sonia.

I am a typical Aquarian.

I am a little insane, sometimes.

I am crazy, other times.

I am a Disney dreamer. I love love love all things Disney.

I am a Hello Kitty fanatic. I have way too many Hello Kitty stuff toys at home.

I am a Barbie Collector. I especially love their pop culture series.

I am a Glambert. Adam Lambert is my all-time favourite idol from American Idol.

I am a Sharkie. I love everything from BlackMilk. EVERYTHING.

I am a Sherlockian and Cumberbabe. Benedict Cumberbatch is so nerdy sexy!!!

I am a Somerholic. Ian Somerhalder is the sexiest man in this planet. And sexiest vampire on-screen ever.

I am a POPster.  Pop Pilates is awesome.


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